Our Mission

Here at Fort Collins Swing Dance, we love the art form that is swingin’ jazz music and dance. Our vision is to keep this art form alive for generations to come in a way that honors the folks who first created it and includes everyone in our community.

To accomplish this, we offer:

  • A weekly social dance
  • Month-long progressive classes for all levels of proficiency
  • A de-gendered curriculum emphasizing the original black creators of this dance
  • Affordable private lessons
  • Performances for the public
  • Volunteer and work-trade opportunities
  • Visible leadership positions for people of color and LGBTQIA+ individuals interested in working at FCSD
  • A culture that focuses on empathy and respect via teaching consent, referring folks to our code of conduct, and modeling good behavior
  • Classes for schools (K-College age)
  • Wedding dance lessons and performances
  • Local live music
  • 10% of our profits going to local anti-racism efforts
  • Partnerships with other local swing dance and blues dance organizations for mutual community growth
  • Charitable outings focused on helping FoCo folks in need
  • Social meet-ups around NoCo #FoCoGoes
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