The People of FoCo Swing!

Elise Sauer Roehrkasse

Co-Founder, Chief Organizer, Teacher, DJ

Old school swingin’ jazz is what moved Elise’s tiny feet as soon as they could walk, sharing in their family’s long standing tradition of loving jazz and blues. When they stumbled across a dance at a coffee shop years ago, they knew their life was forever changed. Originally from Houston they dove head first into every opportunity they found, dancing, performing, and DJing.

In 2015 they made the jump to Colorado. With inner passion lit anew, they became a regular presence in the Fort Collins dance scene, working with Blues & Swing at OTY, Indigo Blues, and the CSU Swing Society as a teacher and DJ, as well as doing guest variety performances with the Blue-Stocking Burly Q. They also have taught and DJed around CO, at Boulder Swing Dance as well as Swingin’ Denver, and Toska Blues. Just this past month, they made a splash in the regional competition scene, placing 3rd as a follow in the JnJ at Dallas’ BlueBonnet Bash and finaling as a lead in the lead ‘n follow at our own Mile High Blues.

Angela Huxel

Co-Founder, Lead DJ, Volunteer Coordinator, Teacher

Angela’s been shaking and moving for 20+ years, but Lindy Hop has been her happy place and artistic muse for just over five. As former president of Colorado State University Swing Dance Society, Angela has spent many weeknights spinning tunes for dancers of all levels while eagerly watching from behind the DJ booth what unfolds on the dance floor. It didn’t take much for her to fall in love with swing music soon after she first started Lindy Hopping; this deep sense of appreciation for authentic vintage jazz music is reflected in her DJ sets. As Founding Member and Organizer of Fort Collins Swing Dance, Angela looks forward to growing and mastering the art of DJing, while always remembering how it’s the music, first and foremost, that inspires her to keep swingin’ hard.

Carissa Sortman

Social Media Coordinator, DJ, Cosmetologist

Originally from Arizona, Carissa grew up with a pencil in her hand. She found a love for vintage in her college years, and a passion for dancing soon after. Now, she is a full fledged cosmetologist with an Associates of Art under her belt, and still loves to be hep to the jive. Lindy hop has always been a place of friendship with lots of laughter, for Carissa and has always had a place in her heart. She’s a true fun-loving enthusiast who wants to share the gift of vintage with all she meet.

“One of the best parts of life is that we are all constant students, and we should always be looking to be better than the dancer we were yesterday.”

Tyson Roehrkasse

IT Administrator, Teacher

Tyson has been dancing since the fall of 2010, immediately he was hooked. He got his start with CSU Swing and the Jivecats at Avogadro’s Number. He spent several years going to exchanges, and training with different competitive teams in Fort Collins and Denver. He dances both swing and blues, and loves how the two compliment and strengthen each other. He loves the passion, energy, and “good vibes” of creating visual art to music!

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