About Us

Founded in November 2016 by Elise Roehrkasse, Angela Huxel, and Paul McCudden, Fort Collins Swing Dance was born out of the desire to create a new and unique dance organization rooted in our values as swing dancers. Our objective remains earnest: to treat others with dignity and respect; to create opportunities for giving back to the community; to honor the original creators of swing dance with historical accuracy; and to welcome and include all folks into our space, including people of color and LGBTQIA+ individuals.

Over the years, there have been various iterations of swing dance organizations in Fort Collins, some of which sadly no longer exist. Fort Collins Swing Dance helped revitalize the local scene when we hosted our first dance at Illegal Pete’s in February 2017. During those early days, we were grateful for this partnership allowing us to get our name out there and quickly grow our community. Ever since January 2018, we have enjoyed hosting weekly dances at High Country Conservatory of Music and Dance.

We are Northern Colorado’s premiere swing dance scene. We are not like most social dance organizations. We revel in the awe-inspiring rhythms of swing music, and we value human connection and open dialogue as central tenets to not just dance by, but to live by, too.

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