Magnificent in March!

Fort Collins Swing Dance is loving our WEEKLY venue: High Country Conservatory of Music and Dance! Starting this month, *drumroll* WE ARE IN THE MAIN STUDIO instead of the building on the right!! Come to the doors with the sign for High Country above them! We’ll post signs so everyone knows where to go.

We are hosting another four-week progressive series, Lindy Hop FUNdamentals!, starting Saturday, March 3rd, 2018. Each installment is from 7pm-8pm and the social dance after is from 8pm-10:30pm. Elise and Tyson will show you how to: swing out, send out, turns, and other goodies as both a lead and a follow with historical notes speckled throughout. No drop-ins on the progressive allowed after week one except on a case by case basis. Check out our Classes tab for pricing (4 classes for $40 bundle!), class descriptions, discounts/deals, and tickets. We now accept credit cards, and highly encourage pre-registering to reserve your spot!

Starting the second week of March, we will be offering drop-in beginner lessons in addition to the progressive! Those also start at 7pm and are perfect for folks who’ve never danced before or want to brush up on some basics before the social dance at 8pm. Bring your friends and come take class any night even if you can’t make the series!

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! Join us the evening of the 17th for a green themed dance and the debut of a new contest, Dance Til You Drop! Remember those old school speed and endurance dance contests from the movies? This is your chance to do it in real life! Find a partner at the dance, and enter as a couple. You’ll be dancing together to progressively faster and faster music. Whomever can still dance on the beat at the end of 15 minutes will win a free month of lessons at FCSD (and many props from everyone else)! Free to enter, all ages welcome 😀

We’re so excited to announce our first solo jazz workshop, “Shim Sham Shazam!”, Saturday March 24, 2018 from 2pm-4pm at High Country! This is that classic line dance you see at every swing dance broken down into easy-to-digest steps. If you’ve always wanted to join in on the Shim Sham but never known how, OR if you want some cool variations to make your Shim Sham even better, this workshop is for you. Elise will spend the first hour showing you the basic steps, then we’ll spend the second hour practicing and trying out different variations. Excellent for both beginner and intermediate swing dancers.

What are we doing with that extra Saturday at the end of the month, you ask? We’re combining our beginner and progressive classes and teaching everyone Fort Collin’s new line dance! More details coming soon.

After the social dances, those of us who are 21+ who want to continue the party will be heading to Old Town for some dancing to live music and general tomfoolery! After party venue is announced at the end of the dance and is NOT on the website or Facebook Events, so be sure to stay until the end of the dance for details. Interested in free admission? Volunteer to be a Designated Carpool Driver! #FoCoGoes

We are currently opening our arms to new teachers, DJs, photographers, social media liaisons, performance team members, volunteers, and dance ambassadors! Wanna get involved with us and help the scene grow? Message us and let us know how you can help!

Stay tuned on our website and Facebook Page for updates/announcements! We’ll always have #focogoes invitations to other dances and live music outings, as well as great deals for private lessons!

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